Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Presenting the Other Side of the Tree Cutting Controversy

I was fortunate to be present in a blogger's chat with DENR7 spokesperson Dr. Eddie Llamedo who presented their side of the tree cutting controversy. To recall there is an ongoing debate whether to cut the trees lining the highway in the South such as Naga City. On one side, they are saying that they should be cut since it already poses a danger to those passing the roads where the trees stand as they are old. On the other side, they are citing that the trees should be rehabilitated, pruned or preserved since these are heritage trees. They added that DENR should be for the preservation of trees and not for cutting them.

I will not try to present my own views here. I will just echo what I got from the DENR spokesperson and I will leave the decision to you whether to agree or disagree with him.

Here are some points he mentioned (this is not verbatim, OK?) along with the provincial government environment officer.

  1. The trees are too old. The kind of trees found in Naga City (from what I understand) have an effective "lifespan" of just 100 years. (I do not know what is the proper term to use honestly, if it's relly lifespan). According to him, studies have shown that rehabilitation efforts cannot do much to these kinds of old trees as they are practically dead - hollow in the center and "gabuk".
  2. The danger to those passing the highway or the roads where the trees are is real. Trees such as the narra trees in Naga, have superficial lateral roots according to him. As roads are made and various constructions are done, these lateral roots are cut perhaps unconsciously. The cutting weakens the hold of the roots. With age, the roots of the tree become very vulnerable and with time, the said trees are in danger of falling down to an unsuspecting loaded vehicle or person.
  3. From what I understand also, according to Dr. Llamedo the forest expert who was previously asked regarding his stand on the cutting of the trees which eventually recommended not cutting the said trees was not a tree pathologist. The tree pathologist is the better judge whether the tree is for cutting or not based on its state of "health".
  4. The government including the DENR is not promoting the cutting of trees and they are said to be also for a livable community. However they mentioned that how can a community be livable when upon passing a road, you are always scared about what might happen to you if that big old tree will fall on you? It's just those trees that pose a danger that they recommended for cutting. And they will plant more to replace the cut ones.
So there you have it. Does this change your view or not?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippines Schools and Coaches' Clinic 2014 presented by Alaska

The Philippines being a basketball-loving country has plenty of NBA fans, young or old, male or female. No wonder the NBA decided to return to the Philippines for the 7th consecutive Jr. NBA Schools' Clinic as well as the Coaches' Clinic now expanded to include a program specifically for girls, the Jr. WNBA program. The said program kicked off last January 18 in Manila along with the 2014 Search for Jr. NBA and WNBA Coach of the Year and now it is in Cebu.
January 25 is the date of the school clinic while January 26 will be the Coaches Clinic both at the Sacred Heart Ateneo de Cebu at H. Abellana St., Mandaue City at 9 AM. Gracing the event are Carlo Singson (NBA Asia Country Manager, Philippines), Sefu Bernard (Senior Director Basketball Operations, NBA Asia), and Atty. Raymond Zorilla (Vice President for Business Development and External Affairs, Jr.NBA All Stars Alumni).

The Regional Selection Camps will be be held in March and April, after which the top 50 boys and top 24 girls from all over the country will participate in the Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA National Training Camp in Manila from April 25-27, 2014. The National Training Camp will culminate with the selection of 10 Jr. NBA and 4 Jr. WNBA All-Stars, providing these select campers with a unique NBA experience and the opportunity to play against a counterpart team from another country later in the year.

The Coach of the Year award winners will be announced at the National Training Camp, which will be attended by an NBA Legend and a WNBA Player/Legend, and feature NBA Cares community outreach.

The future of basketball in the country will be brighter with this Jr. NBA/WNBA program.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

If people complain about how government handles the Post-Yolanda situation, LET THEM.

A friend of mine from abroad requested to repost this on my wall and on this blog to just air his/her sentiments regarding what is regarded by others as blaming/complaining. here it goes...

Right at this moment, I am in the comfort of my home, very far from my country, the Philippines. I think I am a very spiritual and prayerful person. I don't usually post my opinions on Facebook. My family in Cebu, although they experienced the tragedies, didn't suffer the consequences of it (scampering for food and water, lying beside their dead, not knowing what the future lies for them....almost apocalyptic situation and mindset). 

Like others who call our government into action (well, interpreted by others as complaining, blaming) I am almost sure that majority who "complain" have done a lot with regards prayers, donation, convincing others to donate and helping locate people who have been missing. I hope some people will stop saying, "KEEP SILENT, just pray and do your share". What you may see on their posts or reposts as complaints/rants are just a fraction of what they are actually doing to help. I just think that most people who complain about the latest events have done a lot of action already and are still right at it (from a distance or right at ground zero), that is why they feel they have the right to complain.

When I eat and drink, I think of those people I saw on the TV coverage, scooping filthy water from dirty water pipes. When I sleep on the comfort of my bed, I think of those who have to sleep on the rubbles, amongst their dead. When I call my family back home, I think of all those who lost their loved ones and have no one to call family anymore. When you allow yourself to be in the middle of all these, you would think all the help coming in is too slow or inefficient. Imagine yourself being in their situation. I'm not saying you don't feel the same way. You can choose to be silent (still very noble) or you can choose to complain and BE THEIR VOICE.

In the middle of that Pork Barrel Scandal, I had a lot of opinion about it but I kept it to myself, not posting/ranting. I chose not to judge the people who do because they have their concerns about it on a personal level. People already knew and experienced the effect of this, way before the scandal came out....they just chose to KEEP SILENT. Now, if people do complain about how the higher government handles this situation on the tragedies....let them.

The events that are about to unfold, as a result of this tragedy, are predictable. Everyone will be equally affected. There will be more poverty, sickness and crime...maybe not now, but it could happen. When that time comes, my family back home will be DIRECTLY affected. I don't want to wait for that to happen.

Like there is a formula for repacking relief goods, here's a formula for doing your share: PRAY + DONATE + CAMPAIGN FOR OTHERS TO DONATE + HELP SPREAD INFO ABOUT LOST FAMILY MEMBERS.......if you have done at least one or most of these and you don't see have the right to "COMPLAIN".
At this time, particularly for this event in our country, what will this "trying to keep people silent" on social media achieve as compared to what the people who complain wants to get achieved?

If you really choose to be silent, stick to your word. Refrain from making a "shout out" telling people who complain not to complain. You don't exactly know what they're going through. If you are sick of their posts, delete them from your list of friends. Easy.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Medifund: Possible help for Medical students

We have heard of online fundraising sites to help fund medical expenses but during the second Startup Weekend Cebu, there is a potential fundraising startup that was formed to help medical students who have problems keeping up with  high tuition fees.

The startup which hopes to launch soon a site to raise funds thru crowdsourcing is known as Medifund and it is made up of a team composed of a Nigerian medical student studying in Cebu City, a Japanese and six Filipinos.

The idea for Medifund came up out of the desire of Nigerian founder Jossy Onwude to help a good friend who is struggling to pay for the medical school tuition fee. He combined forces with their current team members and Medifund was born.

The idea is that through crowdsourcing, benefactors, supporters or generous donors will be able to chip in until the financial goal is met much like other online fundraising sites except this is geared specifically toward medical students needing financial backing. In exchange, donors will enjoy rewards including possibly free consultation and the medical student finishes medicine in the process and potentially saving more lives.

Get to know more about their team and Medifund in this slideshare slide.

The first student they are helping out is Kristine Bless of MHAM-Southwestern University and here is her campaign page.

I am hoping that Medifund will indeed be formed fully and (hopefully also) succeeds in the future in achieving their goals so that many lives would be saved potentially by the future doctors that they will help.

Medifund fundraising site will soon rise here.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

8 Things You Might Not Know about Senatorial candidate Teddy Casino

The Philippine Senatorial Elections 2013 is just weeks away and I am sure students during this summer vacation are researching on the different candidates as they try to get to know the possible future senators of the country.

When word came out of Congressman Teddy Casino's visit to Cebu, I also grabbed the chance to get to know him more.

Seeing him in person, he looks to be a simple man. He was wearing a blue polo shirt and was pleasant to talk with.

When he was asked by a reporter about projects planned for Cebu, he somewhat reminded the audience that in the Senate, it's more about legislation than projects (and he is right). People tend to forget that the Senator's job is to make legislation and only because of the pork barrel that these projects arose.

He thinks legislation regarding industrialization will benefit Cebu best since Cebu is known to be a manufacturing city in the 70's according to him.

On some people telling him he does not have the political pedigree, money and resources: "...This candidacy is not about me. It's about you and the kind of representation you want in the Senate. It's about what we are willing to do to bring that new voice in the Upper House."

Here are 8 Things you might not know about him:

3. His parents were devout Catholics. Casino was once an altar boy and he once wanted to be a priest or a La Salle brother. His oldest brother was the one who ended up in the seminary.

4. His political awakening so to speak came during his high school days at La Salle Green Hills when he volunteerd for NAMFREL in the 1986 snap elections.

5. He also has a love affair with writing and journalism. He had a brief stint as reporter for ABS-CBN's Hoy Gising and the Correspondents. He wrote columns for People's Bagong taliba, Frontpage, Pinoy Gazette and online newsmagazine

6. He was awarded one of the Ten Outstanding Congressmen for 2012 by the Publisher's Association of the Philippines, Inc.

7. He declined a scholarship in De La Salle University to study at UPLB where he became a student leader. Despite his extracurricular activities as student leader, he consistently made it to the honor roll.

8. He entered the UP College of Law in 1996 only to leave it for three days as it interfered with his work in the labor sector. According to Casino, "I said to myself, why spend another four years in law school when there are so many things that need to be done right now."

9. Changes sought if given the chance in the Senate: Lower prices of good and services, good governance, people empowerment, agrarian reform, national industrialization, respect for human rights in all aspects, truly independent foreign policy and comprehensive political settlement of the Muslim and Communist rebellions.

10. He is the principal author of the Rent Control Act of 2009 (RA 9653), Public Attorney's Act of 2007 (RA 9406), Tax Relief Act of 2009 (RA 9504) and Anti-Torture Act of 2009 (RA 9745). He is the principal author of the Whistleblowers' Protection and Rewards Bill, Freedom of Information Bill and House version of the Anti-Epal Bill.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pre-algebra help needed? Eduboard to the rescue

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are 100% mine.

One should not ignore early life education. What we learn during our childhood could prove very useful later in our careers or profession, even in medicine or allied health science careers. One such subject that is very useful but is quite challenging in our early days of schooling is Math, specifically Algebra. And in order to understand Algebra, one needs to have a good background in Pre-Algebra.

Pre-algebra concepts include concepts such as:

  • integers
  • fractions
  • factorization of natural numbers
  • decimals
  • absolute value
  • square roots
  • inequalities
  • ratio, rates and proportions
  • slopes
  • basics of equations
  • and many more
Remember encountering difficulties then? Well, I do remember some. It took practice and some help from those older than me. But the problem sometimes is, these people I asked for help do not remember already much of the basics since they are not professional tutors or teachers. These times, a reliable tutor may prove useful. 

Your child may encounter math difficulties also. Being part of the Net Generation proficient in computers and the internet, it is but natural that they seek help online. Why not guide them to the right website where qualified and reliable tutors can help with pre-algebra difficulties? Why not lead them to for a complete study help from their online tutors?

With eduboard, they provide among many other nice offerings:
  • 24/7 tutoring services
  • assistance with preparing for quizzes and tests
  • a comfortable online classroom environment so that learning is fun
  • a choice of your favorite online tutor
Still having doubts? Pay them a visit and check them out at Oh, by the way. Their online tutors also provide assistance for other subjects from elementary to university subjects.

Remember, early life education plays a role in your child's future.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Discovering your potential thru AIESEC, a global student organization

During my early college years in a university when I was still not connected to the healthcare field, a student organization caught my attention. It was very visible in that university and the members always had activities.

That organization was AIESEC.

AIESEC is a global platform for the youth to discover their true potential. It is a non-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. When you talk of AIESEC, you associate it with leadership and management.

Watch the video below to know more about AIESEC...
Cool, isn't it? Perhaps you want to join this group. If there are still questions regarding this group, just visit the following links...

AIESEC Cebu Facebook page


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