Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nursing and other allied health graduates in call centers

It is common knowledge that many allied health graduates including nursing graduates are currently working in call centers. Apparently, call centers find use in accepting applicants from the medical field also as long as they meet the requirements.

This draws mixed reactions from different medical professionals.

Some frown upon this. For them, this should not be the case because call center jobs are completely different from the health professions.

But others welcome working in call centers especially that it provides a relatively high salary.

It entirely depends on the priority of the individual in question.

By all means, graduates of the health professions should pursue a career in line with what they trained for.

However, if they really need money and would want to start earning right away, we can't stop them from helping their families.

Found on this blog (on top and on the left side) is a graphic link to Convergys where a lot of call center agents work. They are constantly looking for personnel to work for them in the Philippines.

Feel free to click the graphic link to apply at Convergys if you or your friends or family feel like applying.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

10-Year Board Exam Performance of Philippine Medical Schools

For those interested to know this especially if they have a son or daughter planning of going to medical school this year, you may want to look at this pictures. I think this was discussed during a APMC-initiated forum among medical schools. The pictures do not show all the medical schools, just some with a higher than 50% average.  Of course deciding as to what is the best medical school does not lie on Board Exam percentage alone.

These stats are from 2001-2010.


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