Wednesday, April 28, 2010

About the H1N1 Flu Vaccine

Yesterday, the Philippine Department of Health started the vaccination of frontline health workers against the A(H1N1) virus. Students, being future health workers, should know facts about the vaccine against A(H1N1) virus.

Since supplies are limited, which group of people should get the vaccine first?

CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that people at highest risk for complications from this virus, or those caring for high risk individuals who cannot receive vaccination, receive the vaccine first.

These include:
  • pregnant women, 
  • people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months of age, 
  • health care and emergency medical services personnel, 
  • anyone 6 months through 24 years of age, and people ages of 25 through 64 years of age at higher risk for 2009 H1N1 influenza because of certain chronic health conditions or compromised immune systems.
Persons 10 years of age and older should receive one dose of vaccine. For children who are 6 months through 9 years of age, two doses of the vaccine are recommended.

The 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine appears to show a similar safety profile to seasonal flu vaccines, which have a very good safety track record. Examples of mild side effects are soreness, redness, tenderness or swelling where the shot was given.

Influenza vaccines do not protect against other viruses that cause respiratory illnesses. 

For more detailed information go to: CDC H1N1 General Questions or CDC Vaccine General Questions

Friday, April 23, 2010

Have You Done Something for Mother Earth?

April 22 is Earth Day. The Philippines celebrated it yesterday while the others celebrate it today. But as the Earth Day Network Philippines would say, "...Everyday is Earth Day."

Amidst the effects of global warming as evidenced by the hotter temperatures nowadays, the hanging question is, "What have we done for Mother Earth?"

Join now and sign up for Mother Earth via (10 Million Movement) and give your commitment. Also visit Earth Day Network Philippines.

Some things we could do now:
1. Save Water (Environment Action!)
2. Go Green For Mother Earth: Use Alternative Fuels To Save The Environment
3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
4. Teach our children early about appreciating Mother Earth and What's It Like Living Green?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lessons from Edwin Valero's Life and Death

It can be recalled that in the past Edwin Valero's name has been mentioned as one of Manny Pacquiao's future opponents prior to retirement. Why not? Edwin Valero has compiled an impressive record of 27-0, all wins by knockouts with his first 18 KOs within the first round. He is an internet sensation, a popular figure in YouTube. He may not have the opportunity to fight really quality opponents but 27 knockouts is still an accomplishment.

But all that promise was blown by the wind with his apparent death by suicide.

Valero, the Champ that he was, pursued his dream of boxing fame even if he suffered cerebral hemorrhage in the past. Like Valero, students should be determined to finish one's studies despite adversity, difficult subjects, personal problems and even financial difficulties.

Valero gave his best in each match winning by way of knockout each time. Students should also give their best shot and not content themselves with just passing.

However Valero wasted his blessings. He was implicated in hurting the one he loved most (his wife)and was in fact arrested for stabbing her dead prior to his own suicide.

Students particularly in the medical field must know how to interact and blend in with different people with different types of personalities - be they patients, groupmates, classmates, teachers, etc.

They must not take for granted the blessings they receive especially from their parents who work hard for them to get quality education.Students must not put to waste the money spent for their education.

Edwin Valero was a knockout artist. He never surrendered while in the ring. Unfortunately, he lost the battles where it matters --- the battles in daily life.

He just gave up.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fearless Forecast NBA Playoffs 2010

It may be summer classes time for many students but it doesn't mean they don't try to be updated to what's going on in the NBA playoffs.

Yup, its the playoffs alright. Elbows are flying. Tempers are flaring. The screams are deafening. Below is my fearless prediction for the 1st round of the playoffs.

1. Cavaliers vs. Bulls. Cavs will win 4-1. The Cavs simply have all the weapons. Rose and Noah lack help.
2. Magic and Bobcats. Magic will win 4-1. Jackson is a great playoff veteran but he is playing injured and the rest of the team lacks experience. The Magic too has lots of weapons even if Howard and Carter will have off nights. Howard will be a monster of the boards blocking shots and rebounding.
3. Hawks vs. Bucks. Hawks will win 4-0. The Bucks will really miss Bogut's presence. Jennings cannot just carry the team alone. They will not lack effort though but the Hawks are hungry too and Johnson would want to make the best of his stay in Atlanta.
4. Celtics vs. Heat. Celtics will win 4-3. This will be a close one. The Celtics are aging fast but the Heat lack also help for Wade.

1. Lakers vs. Thunder. Lakers will win 4-1. Bynum will clog the middle along with Gasol. Artest will play defense and Durant will have a hard time although he will be learning lessons. Westbrook will blossom.Kobe will be Kobe.
2. Mavs vs. Spurs. Mavs will win 4-2. Mavs with Butler and Haywood are stronger than ever. The Spurs have heart but the trio of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili will have to get something out of Jefferson and the other cast.
3. Suns vs. Blazers. Suns will win 4-1. For the Blazers minus Roy, it will be a long climb against the rejuvenated Amare with Nash running the show.
4. Nuggets vs. Jazz. Nuggets will win 4-1. The Jazz have way too many players injured. Kirilenko could have been a big help. and Boozer may not be 100%. Carmelo is hungry and the team would want to win it for their cancer-stricken coach.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I Found to be Essential During My Freshmen Years in Med School

There was no one in the family before me who went into medical school. So I had no idea then what I would encounter in the first year. I have no ide on the subjects. Had no idea on what is needed.

Looking back, I can say the following were key to my survival during the adjustment stage of medical school life: Microsoft Office then was not as good as now. If there was Microsoft OneNote then, I would have used it extensively in note-taking and research. The atlases are a must to reinforce what was taught in lectures. Visualization reinforces learning.

Medical books are expensive so it is important to have an idea how much they cost to be able to prepare financially.

NBA Playoff Match-ups Set

Many students are NBA fans following the NBA especially come playoffs time.

And here are the matchups for this year:

No.1. Los Angeles Lakers vs.No. 8. Oklahoma City Thunder featuring Kobe Bryant vs. Kevin Durant.
No. 2 the new-look Dallas Mavericks vs. perennial opponent No. 7. San Antonio Spurs
No. 3 Phoenix Suns vs. No. 6. Portland Trailblazers with an injured Brandon Roy
No. 4. Denver Nuggets minus Martin and their coach vs. No. 5 Utah Jazz

No.1. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. No. 8 Chicago Bulls with Joachim Noah back
No.2 Orlando Magic with Carter vs. N0. 7 newbie Charlotte Bobcats
No. 3 Atlanta Hawks vs. No.6. Milwaukee Bucks minus Andrew Bogut
No. 4 Boston Celtics vs. No. 5 Miami Heat

Let the games begin!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Choosing A Medical School

During summertime in the Philippines, applicants are beginning to register in their medical school of choice after answering the question, "What medical school should I choose"?

How does one choose a medical school? these are some of the questions that need to be answered:
  • Do I prefer a school with a Problem-based curriculum or a Traditional curriculum?
  • What is the NMAT requirement?
  • How much is the tuition fee?
  • Is the school in a location that fits my needs? Do I have to travel far or commute? What are the nearby establishments? Is it accessible? 
  • Is this a reputable institution?
  • Are there scholarships available?
Check the website of the different medical schools from this online directory of Philippine medical schools. Take note that some of the links in the website may not be working including Cebu Institute of Medicine's (CIM). Here is the link for CIM


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