Monday, April 19, 2010

Lessons from Edwin Valero's Life and Death

It can be recalled that in the past Edwin Valero's name has been mentioned as one of Manny Pacquiao's future opponents prior to retirement. Why not? Edwin Valero has compiled an impressive record of 27-0, all wins by knockouts with his first 18 KOs within the first round. He is an internet sensation, a popular figure in YouTube. He may not have the opportunity to fight really quality opponents but 27 knockouts is still an accomplishment.

But all that promise was blown by the wind with his apparent death by suicide.

Valero, the Champ that he was, pursued his dream of boxing fame even if he suffered cerebral hemorrhage in the past. Like Valero, students should be determined to finish one's studies despite adversity, difficult subjects, personal problems and even financial difficulties.

Valero gave his best in each match winning by way of knockout each time. Students should also give their best shot and not content themselves with just passing.

However Valero wasted his blessings. He was implicated in hurting the one he loved most (his wife)and was in fact arrested for stabbing her dead prior to his own suicide.

Students particularly in the medical field must know how to interact and blend in with different people with different types of personalities - be they patients, groupmates, classmates, teachers, etc.

They must not take for granted the blessings they receive especially from their parents who work hard for them to get quality education.Students must not put to waste the money spent for their education.

Edwin Valero was a knockout artist. He never surrendered while in the ring. Unfortunately, he lost the battles where it matters --- the battles in daily life.

He just gave up.

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