Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fearless Forecast NBA Playoffs 2010

It may be summer classes time for many students but it doesn't mean they don't try to be updated to what's going on in the NBA playoffs.

Yup, its the playoffs alright. Elbows are flying. Tempers are flaring. The screams are deafening. Below is my fearless prediction for the 1st round of the playoffs.

1. Cavaliers vs. Bulls. Cavs will win 4-1. The Cavs simply have all the weapons. Rose and Noah lack help.
2. Magic and Bobcats. Magic will win 4-1. Jackson is a great playoff veteran but he is playing injured and the rest of the team lacks experience. The Magic too has lots of weapons even if Howard and Carter will have off nights. Howard will be a monster of the boards blocking shots and rebounding.
3. Hawks vs. Bucks. Hawks will win 4-0. The Bucks will really miss Bogut's presence. Jennings cannot just carry the team alone. They will not lack effort though but the Hawks are hungry too and Johnson would want to make the best of his stay in Atlanta.
4. Celtics vs. Heat. Celtics will win 4-3. This will be a close one. The Celtics are aging fast but the Heat lack also help for Wade.

1. Lakers vs. Thunder. Lakers will win 4-1. Bynum will clog the middle along with Gasol. Artest will play defense and Durant will have a hard time although he will be learning lessons. Westbrook will blossom.Kobe will be Kobe.
2. Mavs vs. Spurs. Mavs will win 4-2. Mavs with Butler and Haywood are stronger than ever. The Spurs have heart but the trio of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili will have to get something out of Jefferson and the other cast.
3. Suns vs. Blazers. Suns will win 4-1. For the Blazers minus Roy, it will be a long climb against the rejuvenated Amare with Nash running the show.
4. Nuggets vs. Jazz. Nuggets will win 4-1. The Jazz have way too many players injured. Kirilenko could have been a big help. and Boozer may not be 100%. Carmelo is hungry and the team would want to win it for their cancer-stricken coach.

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