Saturday, May 21, 2011

Factors to Consider in Choosing A Medical School

On Becoming a Doctor: Everything You Need to Know about Medical School, Residency, Specialization, and Practice
It is known that choosing a medical school is a difficult decision to make as there are many factors to be considered. Many would ask what are the important factors that should be considered in choosing a medical school?

One such factor to be considered is the reputation of the medical school. How are the graduates of a prospective school doing in their respective field or specialty? Are they also getting accepted as residents or trainees in prestigious hospitals or institutions? What is the performance of its graduates overall in the physician licensure or board exams? Does the school have a high passing percentage in these board exams? What is the medical school ranking in the board exams? What are the top medical schools in terms of board exam performance? What is the reputation of the school in terms of research? Information regarding board exam performance of recent years can easily be searched in the web while information regarding research can be obtained in the websites of the respective medical schools. It is also suggested to research other information from other independent sources.


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