Friday, February 25, 2011

Performance of Cebu medical schools in the February 2011 Boards

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 655 out of 1,230 (53.25%) passed the Physician  Licensure Examination given this February 2011 after four (4) working days from the last day of examinations.

Seventeen (17) Cebu Institute of Medicine graduates took the exam and all of them passed (100%) continuing their run of perfect passing percentage. 

Cebu Doctors which notably is also having the PBL type of curriculum, had a 78.57% (11/14) passing rate with one of their examinees in the top 8. She is Cristine Aurestella Descallar who got a rating of 84.58%.

Combining University of the Visayas and Gullas College of Medicine results (assuming they are referring to the same medical school), their passing rate was determined to be 33.33% (20/60).

Meanwhile Southwestern University College of Medicine had a rate of 49.18% (30/61).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quality Control: An analysis of the Velezian Med Tech - Yesterday, Today and the Future

Celestron 44104 500x Power Advanced Biological MicroscopeThis is a piece made by a fellow Velez College medical technology alumnus Keith Andrew Chan which I first read in the Velez College BSMT grads Facebook group which I decided to re-post with the author's permission of course. This is in response to a challenge question posed by Mr. Deogracias Delfin of what quality control means.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Velez Medtech grads: Suggestions needed for reunion plans

Dear Velez Medical Technology graduates from all over the world:

As you may have already known, our Facebook group is up and about and 926 people as of this moment have responded to the call to come together in the said online group to reminisce the good old times and renew friendships and foster camaraderie.

Plans have been hatched regarding a grand reunion -- one in the United States and one in the Philippines but the most appropriate venue and time has not been decided yet.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The S Wars: Velez MT Grad Poll -Which is the Best S Group?

In my medtech school alma mater Velez College, there are these S groups that will determine groupings for Sunday duties. These are the same groupings for sports fests and other matters.

In the newly-built Velez College BSMT grads Facebook group, you would notice posts of graduates declaring that their S group is the best.

I know for a fact that 4S is the best (haha!). Well, this is my blog so I can say it really and there is nothing much one can do about it but sige na nga. Once and for all. Let's put it to rest. Velez College BS Medical Technology graduates everywhere in the globe, which is the best S group?


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