Thursday, February 10, 2011

Velez Medtech grads: Suggestions needed for reunion plans

Dear Velez Medical Technology graduates from all over the world:

As you may have already known, our Facebook group is up and about and 926 people as of this moment have responded to the call to come together in the said online group to reminisce the good old times and renew friendships and foster camaraderie.

Plans have been hatched regarding a grand reunion -- one in the United States and one in the Philippines but the most appropriate venue and time has not been decided yet.

Regardless of your batch, the group needs you to help in the planning for the said reunion by way of your ideas and suggestions including your preferred venue and month especially for the US reunion and maybe even the local reunion. These are necessary to schedule ahead for vacation leave and schedule planning.

You can visit the Velez BSMT grads facebook group and post your thoughts for the fellow alumni to see.

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