Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coming Soon! The CIM Chorale Group

Christmas is in the air. Christmas carols are starting to be played in the airwaves. It is the time of year when different choir groups are singing Christmas songs.

For Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM), Christmas starts early with the Founder's week celebration.

This year, some events will feature the performance of the CIM chorale group. Well, there's no formal name yet for the group.

It is composed, this time of students from the first year to the 3rd year along with a few CIM faculty members. Regular practices are held on Fridays from 5 PM to 7PM.

This group is no UP Madz but in Cebu, there are but a few schools not to mention, medical schools who have a choir to boast off.

Performances are expected from them this coming CIM Founder's week. Some of the songs that probably will be performed are "Carol of the Bells", "Stand by Me", "CIM Hymn" and "Moon River".

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