Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Great to be in SLU Baguio!

I was sent by my school to attend the 21st Annual Convention of the Philippine Academic Society for Microbiology and Parasitology this year to participate in the initial steps for the standardization of laboratory manuals in Microbiology and Parasitology in Philippine medical schools and allied health sciences.

The event was hosted by the St. Louis University of Baguio City headed by the Dean of its College of Medicine, Dr. John Dumantay.

It was an unforgettable experience.

I got to experience firsthand and for the first time, a temperature cooler than the coolest air-con temperature I was in.

Of course, the delegates did their job fulfilling the objectives of the convention.

I honestly was hoping that one of the local dishes would be served like "Pinikpikan" but the actual food did not disappoint.

But what was the real revelation for me were the medical students of St. Louis University (SLU).

They will serve as good models for other medical students...

They were well-disciplined.

I have seen other medical students acting like kids when attending occasions or conventions where they would be very noisy. Instead of listening attentively to the lectures seeing it as an opportunity to augment their lessons, they would be scattered around the venue doing "product giveaway shopping" and when mealtime comes, they will not give way to the real participant physicians who were not able to eat yet.

But the SLU medical students I observed were not that. They showed maturity and high EQ.

They waited for their teachers to invite them to the buffet table and they allowed the participants to go first in line.

The venue did not sound like a marketplace and they were courteous.

And they are one talented bunch as well like other medical students of the country. Not just brains. And they showed their talents during the fellowship night.

We were told that these students gained recognition and won awards besting even other colleges who may have a lighter study load than them.

There were singers a plenty. They had their version of the APO Hiking Society singing "Doobidoo" and a version of La Divas who had a very nice rendition of "Emotion" of the Destiny's Child/BeeGees fame.

The picture above showed performed a duet singing "Last Night of the World" from the Miss Saigon musicale. And below is a picture of their chorale group singing songs from the hit TV show "Glee". They also performed like professionals singing difficult pieces like "Butiki" and 2 more songs.

The dancers were not to be outdone.

They performed a uniquely Philippine dance (I forgot the name of the dance) which was really colorful for lack of a better word for description.
The live satirical act brought the house down where characters like the Jose Rizal statue in Luneta coming to life with good performances by the group especially the gay guards.

Overall, I can say it was a well-rounded performance made by the SLU medical students showing that they do not only perform well academically but they can balance it with fun and yet remain socially aware of what's happening in society outside the walls of the hospital and the medical school.

Coming from a medical teacher, I congratulate SLU for doing a great job.

As for me, I am now officially a member of the PASMAP coincidentally during the 100 years celebration of SLU. That could be a sign of more good things to come.

Thank you SLU for hosting this PASMAP event and may you have many more years of giving quality education in this part of the Philippines.

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