Monday, March 7, 2011

Scheduled Summer Trainings in UP Manila 2011

Various departments in University of the Philippines, College of Public Health (UPM-CPH) are offering training and postgraduate courses this summer 2011.

I. The Department of Health Promotion and Education offers:

  1. Postgraduate course on Health Promotion and Education on March 21-25, 2011.
    1. Topics: Foundations of Health Promotion and Education (HPE), International Conferences on HPE, HPE Processes, HPE Strategies, Health Promotion Planning
    2. Contact Details: Prof. Ernesto Gregorio Jr., tel. no. 5260811
  2. Community Organizing for Community Development
    1. Topics: Basics of HPE, HPE Strategies, Process of Organizing the Community, Models of Community Organization, Social Mobilization, Issues in Community Organizing
    2. Contact Details: Prof. Jonathan Guevarra,  tel. no. tel. no. 5260811
  3. Health Communication Planning
    1. Topics: Role of Communication in Public Health, Theories and principles of attitudinal change and other theories from communication research, Development of communication plan, Evaluation of communication program, Issues in communication for health
    2. Contact details: Prof. Buenalyn Teresita Mortel, tel no. 5260811
II. The Department of Parasitology offers its 22nd Intensive Training Course on Diagnostic Parasitology this May 16-20 at the Lara Hall of the UP Manila College of Public Health catering to health personnel engaged in teaching, research and diagnosis of parasitic infections. Only limited slots are available in a first come, first served basis. 
  • The registration fee is P8,000 (on-site) or P7,500 (if on or before May 6)  covers training kit, lunch and snack for 5 days.
  • Topics: Soil-transmitted helminths, Directly-transmitted parasites, Food/Waterborne parasites, Vector-borne parasites, Intestinal protozoans, Immunodiagnosis, Quality assurance, Arthropods of Medical importance
  • Contact nos +63(02) 523-5929, fax +63(02) 525-5885 or email

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