Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preparation Required for Graduate School

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Enrolling in graduate school should not be done by impulse for it requires preparation.

Graduate schooling will eat some time so one has to make sure he would be able to devote time not only for the classes but also time to attend to the demands of the course. This is especially true for those with jobs or a family.

In graduate school, the pace is much faster as it is assumed that the student already knows the basics of what he or she is mastering. Expect also research work.

Financially, one also has to be prepared because at this stage, it is not already the parents who are paying for your tuition but most likely the student himself or herself.

Graduate schools have different requirements. There are required entrance exams or admissions test.

Business school admission committees (especially in the United States) for example, require applicants to take a GMAT or Graduate Management Admissions Test. Unlike other tests, one cannot skip on a difficult problem and just decide to return to that difficult item after answering the easy ones. It is therefore recommended for a student to have GMAT Practice Tests before taking the real thing.

For medical schools, the counterpart is the MCAT or Medical College Admissions Test, a standardized exam designed to measure one's aptitude for a future medical career. In the Philippines, the NMAT (National Medical Admissions Test) acts as an NMAT and certain Philippine medical schools set varying cutoff requirements in order to be admitted to their respective schools.

Law Schools have the LSAT, Dental Schools the DAT and other Graduate schools have the GRE or Graduate Record Exam.

Be sure to inquire about what exams are required in the graduate course that you are taking.

You might decide to take review courses or take practice tests as mentioned. These tests may be provided by various organizations or review schools to help ensure success in taking these major or elite tests.

Expect also for interviews to be conducted on you by the graduate school officials. The prospective student must be able to calm his nerves while going through this process.

If you really are determined to undergo graduate studies for a brighter future and you are really prepared, I don't see any reason why you should fear going through these entrance tests and other entry requirements. Good luck!

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