Friday, October 14, 2011

50 things to do during sem break

by: Dr. Henry L. Yu

1. Go swimming or sunbathing.
2. Read books, magazines, news clippings, etc.
3. Listen to songs that will recapture the memories of yesteryear.
4. Watch the late night TV shows.
5. Do an early Christmas window shopping for friends and loved ones.
6. Connect to friends through email.
7. Text your friends some jokes or thoughts that will make them LOL.
8. Have a food binge with your former barkada.
9. Avail of the 50-70% Sales Promo.
10. Go nature tripping.
11. Wear those outfits that which you haven't worn for the longest time.
12. Assort things in your drawer.
13. Stay idle and lazy for a day.
14. Have a leisure breakfast.
15. Catch up with friends whom you haven't gotten in touch with for quite sometime.
16. Share some funny experiences with friends.
17. Watch the sunset in the boulevard.
18. Do some star gazing.
19. Go gardening or farming.
20. Experiment or invent new recipes.
21. Go joyridiing along SRP (South Road Properties) and appreciate its vastness.
22. Brisk walk for a mile.
23. Visit relatives and friends at home.
24. Throw a party for the kids and play some parlor games.
25. Do some charitable works. 
26. Repair some gadgets at home.
27. Play some musical instruments.
28. Play bowling, badminton, basketball, volleyball, etc.
29. Have a facial, hair or foot spa.
30. Write some literary pieces.
31. Go and see your dentist for a check up.
32. Go around the mall aimlessly.
33. Savor again the joy of eating those comfort foods of your youth.
34. Eat out for a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
35. Do some household chores.
36. Spend some moments in the prayer room of your favorite church. 
37. Stay overnight in a beach resort.
38. Reach out to those streetkids. Share a meal with them.
39. Watch a stage play or concert.
40. Play the field and have a lot of fun.
41. Spend an afternoon watching old films on TV.
42. Feather dust those cobwebs in your bedroom.
43. Join and celebrate a relative's birthday party.
44. Share some culinary secrets with friends and neighbors.
45. Experience fine dining at home.
46. Take an out-of-town respite.
47. Revisit old familiar places that you've been to before.
48. Have a potluck party with high school classmates.
49. Go to your hairdresser for that new you look.
50. Have some moments for meditation and recollection.

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