Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cebu Blog Camp 3: Being Part of a Community

I have joined Cebu Blog Camp in the past. What is nice about the blog camp is that you get to meet other bloggers. I belong to Cebu Bloggers' Society and Cebu Blog Camp is an occasion where I have the opportunity to meet bloggers outside the Cebu Bloggers' Society. It makes me feel that I belong to a big community of bloggers.

This year, I expect to meet more bloggers and would-be bloggers. It is a holiday and the number of people appreciating social media even more (including blogs) is becoming larger.

And of course, the topics are always interesting. This year the topics center around the theme "Building Blogging Communities".

Included in tomorrow's program are the following topics:
  • The Rise of Google Communities - Fleire Castro
  • E-commerce and the community - Clarissa Briones
  • Community Branding: Globe Tattoo Community - Coy Caballes
  • The Extraordinary Individual - Anthony Gomez
  • Empowering your Community - Ruben Licera Jr.
  • Becoming a Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur - Janette Toral

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