Sunday, June 27, 2010

How Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 Helped Me as a Student

Microsoft OneNote 2007
My Microsoft 2007's OneNote is installed in both my laptop computers -- the Neo and Asus laptops and during my masteral studies, it was an indispensable tool for me.  Before, all I know about MS Office is Powerpoint, Excel and Word.

Working from my computer desk at the boarding house, I often search the net a lot for my assigned oral and written reports as well as research proposal. The internet and OneNote go hand in hand.

When I find nice pictures or drawings I like in the net that were available in the public domain, instead of copying the pictures and pasting in Powerpoint, I use the "Clip"  button of OneNote and then paste them in Powerpoint, without worrying about acquiring a big picture or graphic file that could slow down a computer or a powerpoint presentation.

When I find notable phrases, I either copy and Paste to OneNote the phrase of interest and automatically OneNote pastes also the link of the source of the phrase. I can look at the sentences or phrases pasted in my OneNote later for reference. I do not need to manually write the url in a paper or index card.

One thing also nice about OneNote is you don't need to press save file. You can also conveniently use it for taking notes and share a printed copy with classmates after by saving it as a Word file or pdf.

Elements in the OneNote page can be rearranged and you can place or make checklists of things to do.

During meetings for our research group, I can make meeting notes that are organized.

OneNote 2007 Essential TrainingSo you see, you may not be realizing that your Microsoft Office has a very useful application in the form of OneNote. Press the start button and look under All Programs and Microsoft Office, you may have OneNote installed which may be lying around idle.

Go on explore and use it. It is a gem that needs to be tapped.

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  1. When I work on onenote I've noticed a strange behaviour, where I switch between pages in a document which are designed to be A4, they invariably are scrolled down to the bottom right - which means users have to use the scroll bars to bring the pages back into view properly. The document is a multi page A4 document, and is designed to be used on a tablet PC in portrait orientation, and I want the documents "anchored" so they are always in the correct place as users flip between pages.
    Can anyone help with how to do this?



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