Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Schoolyear: A Preview of Things to Come

As we start the new school year for medical and related fields, allow me to welcome you and show you as well a preview of things to come...

Starting is fun. There will be lots of clowning around as one adjusts to the new environment and meet new friends...
As lessons start, more time will be spent on reading. You will read and read and read, falling asleep in the process... Biochemistry...Anatomy...Physiology...Microbiology...Parasitology...Nutrition...Hematology, etc.
There will be laboratory sessions which are exciting because you get to see "new" things!
But here come the exams and there will be ups and downs in the scores. There will be times you want to sleep the results off, trying to forget a bad score in one exam.

Of course, research is part now of education. You will have to defend your paper in the future. There will be intense grilling by a panel.
But in the end, do not lose sight of your goals. I tell you, in no time, you will finish your course and graduate...
And finally achieve your dreams!

and then start learning all over again.

Life is after all, a continuous learning process.

Welcome students!

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