Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Ciudad Project, Beneficial or Bad for Cebu?

Based on the video above, the planned Ciudad Project to be built in the BanTal Road looks promising.

A mall designed to look like Cebu many years ago. Security guards dressed like guardia sibil. Balut vendors, "dirty ice cream" vendors selling their products in the vicinity. Replicas of Cebu's historical sites. Museum featuring works of Cebuano artists. The usual things you see in a mall except for the appearance of old Cebu. More potential job openings.

But traffic appears to be a legitimate issue which the project planners plan to address by putting jeepney stops within the Ciudad and not in the BanTal road itself. The developers, Fifth Avenue Development Corp. claimed the local government do not need to spend for addressing this problem.

There are still many questions you probably want to ask. Like what happens to the Cebu Medical Society office and the ERUF in the area? How exactly will the traffic problem there be eased with the building of the Ciudad Project?

Today, December 2, there will a public hearing to decide whether an Environmental Compliance Certificate will be issued for the project developer to start the work. It will be at the Brgy. Apas, Lahug Gymn at 10 AM. You may want to raise issues or questions during the hearing.

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