Friday, April 27, 2012


Guest post by:  Dr. Henry Yu

April 26, 2012
Dear Parents of the Graduates,
Today, I join you in thanking God for this significant milestone in the lives of your children, as graduates of the Cebu Institute of Medicine. 

Truly, the road to becoming what your children are today has never been easy. I am a witness to that. It entailed long years of study, rigid academic training and discipline, lots of stresses, burn-outs and fatigue brought about by a smorgasbord of exams that they have to hurdle in order to be able to graduate.
As you look back to your children’s medical journey at CIM, give time to pause and ponder and realize that it is only in looking back that you will come to appreciate and put value to what they have gone through, to what they have done, to what they have achieved, and be happy about.
Today is indeed a reason to celebrate. And I share your feelings of joy, pride and fulfillment – of seeing a dream come true. I am one with you in thanking God Almighty for giving your children the honor and privilege of finally finishing their M.D. degree. To God be the glory.
Again, I join you in this celebration of a lifetime. Congratulations. Godbless.
Very sincerely yours,
Henry L. Yu, M.D.

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