Sunday, June 16, 2013

Medifund: Possible help for Medical students

We have heard of online fundraising sites to help fund medical expenses but during the second Startup Weekend Cebu, there is a potential fundraising startup that was formed to help medical students who have problems keeping up with  high tuition fees.

The startup which hopes to launch soon a site to raise funds thru crowdsourcing is known as Medifund and it is made up of a team composed of a Nigerian medical student studying in Cebu City, a Japanese and six Filipinos.

The idea for Medifund came up out of the desire of Nigerian founder Jossy Onwude to help a good friend who is struggling to pay for the medical school tuition fee. He combined forces with their current team members and Medifund was born.

The idea is that through crowdsourcing, benefactors, supporters or generous donors will be able to chip in until the financial goal is met much like other online fundraising sites except this is geared specifically toward medical students needing financial backing. In exchange, donors will enjoy rewards including possibly free consultation and the medical student finishes medicine in the process and potentially saving more lives.

Get to know more about their team and Medifund in this slideshare slide.

The first student they are helping out is Kristine Bless of MHAM-Southwestern University and here is her campaign page.

I am hoping that Medifund will indeed be formed fully and (hopefully also) succeeds in the future in achieving their goals so that many lives would be saved potentially by the future doctors that they will help.

Medifund fundraising site will soon rise here.

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