Thursday, November 14, 2013

If people complain about how government handles the Post-Yolanda situation, LET THEM.

A friend of mine from abroad requested to repost this on my wall and on this blog to just air his/her sentiments regarding what is regarded by others as blaming/complaining. here it goes...

Right at this moment, I am in the comfort of my home, very far from my country, the Philippines. I think I am a very spiritual and prayerful person. I don't usually post my opinions on Facebook. My family in Cebu, although they experienced the tragedies, didn't suffer the consequences of it (scampering for food and water, lying beside their dead, not knowing what the future lies for them....almost apocalyptic situation and mindset). 

Like others who call our government into action (well, interpreted by others as complaining, blaming) I am almost sure that majority who "complain" have done a lot with regards prayers, donation, convincing others to donate and helping locate people who have been missing. I hope some people will stop saying, "KEEP SILENT, just pray and do your share". What you may see on their posts or reposts as complaints/rants are just a fraction of what they are actually doing to help. I just think that most people who complain about the latest events have done a lot of action already and are still right at it (from a distance or right at ground zero), that is why they feel they have the right to complain.

When I eat and drink, I think of those people I saw on the TV coverage, scooping filthy water from dirty water pipes. When I sleep on the comfort of my bed, I think of those who have to sleep on the rubbles, amongst their dead. When I call my family back home, I think of all those who lost their loved ones and have no one to call family anymore. When you allow yourself to be in the middle of all these, you would think all the help coming in is too slow or inefficient. Imagine yourself being in their situation. I'm not saying you don't feel the same way. You can choose to be silent (still very noble) or you can choose to complain and BE THEIR VOICE.

In the middle of that Pork Barrel Scandal, I had a lot of opinion about it but I kept it to myself, not posting/ranting. I chose not to judge the people who do because they have their concerns about it on a personal level. People already knew and experienced the effect of this, way before the scandal came out....they just chose to KEEP SILENT. Now, if people do complain about how the higher government handles this situation on the tragedies....let them.

The events that are about to unfold, as a result of this tragedy, are predictable. Everyone will be equally affected. There will be more poverty, sickness and crime...maybe not now, but it could happen. When that time comes, my family back home will be DIRECTLY affected. I don't want to wait for that to happen.

Like there is a formula for repacking relief goods, here's a formula for doing your share: PRAY + DONATE + CAMPAIGN FOR OTHERS TO DONATE + HELP SPREAD INFO ABOUT LOST FAMILY MEMBERS.......if you have done at least one or most of these and you don't see have the right to "COMPLAIN".
At this time, particularly for this event in our country, what will this "trying to keep people silent" on social media achieve as compared to what the people who complain wants to get achieved?

If you really choose to be silent, stick to your word. Refrain from making a "shout out" telling people who complain not to complain. You don't exactly know what they're going through. If you are sick of their posts, delete them from your list of friends. Easy.

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